spring has sprung.....

Last weekend was GORGEOUS. I spent a lot of my weekend in the hammock and made lots of plans to put the longer evenings to good use and also had some horse therapy combing out knots and braiding manes... 

Things like renovating the chicken coop so that I have a nice place for my new flock before summer... Eli decided a few weeks ago that he wanted to take up residence in the coop, so the plan is to make some changes to accommodate his needs for his own place - maybe a lean-to connected to the coop? I haven't fully thought this through, but he has always loved being close to the chickens and will be happy to have them again in his field :) 

I am still working full days at the office, and actually have double my workload due to my secretary being a senior and at a higher risk of vulnerability for the Covid-19, so I will be taking more advantage of after work hours (for therapeutic reasons) for blogging, farm fun, and working on creating our own dog yard for Reece and I to work off-leash, as well as to play hard since all the local parks are closed.

My mowers are also in the shop getting tune-ups so I can play on my most favorite toy - my John Deere lawn tractor!!

Anyway, stay safe, be well, and I will be back here each morning or evening to connect with you guys and stay sane...



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