tuesday night cookies

Bahahaha! No, this is not a new segment, just what I am currently devouring. I had a full load at work today (I am now doing the work of two people - eeeek!) and needed some salty, chocolaty, pecan goodness in my life in the form of a cookie....

I have been trying to limit my sugar intake because of the sick season, and we all know sugar lowers your body's ability to fight infection, BUT I JUST HAD TO.

These were super easy to whip up and tasted DIVINE.

I even took all the chips out of the last cookie so Reece could have one! 

Then as I was changing the water filter under our sink, I came across a N95 mask! Reece and I decided to drive this over to my stepdad who has underlying health risks and who we want to remain as healthy as possible right now. Reece was a very good boy in the car, and we were able to get my stepdad the mask, and my mom some of the cookies! 

 As we were getting out of the car at the farm, the fog started to roll in and once again all seemed magical! 


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