Weekend Mixtape!

Wake up! Put in the earbuds and go for a run/ walk on this beautiful day! I am loving this mix!!

Not much has changed for Christian and I. We go to work, come home, and do our normal amount of social distancing - we are hermits, after all.... I had been planning somewhat for a change and had stocked up on feed for the goats and horses, an order of treats and food for Reece from chewy.com, and over the months of January and February, I picked up a few extra non-perishable items - rice, beans, and coffee, as well as frozen foods. So other than making a store run each week, and my shelter visits put to a halt because of this Covid-19 shutdown, we are as hunkered down as we usually are and minimally exposed to much other than fresh air, a little sunshine, the animals, and each other. Hang in there folks! 


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