how I keep away the winter blues....

I love winter weather, but hate the short days. The darkness at 5:30pm, gets to me! I am sure you've noticed already, but one of the things I have always started up at some point in the winter is the #100HappyDays  - although this year I went for a more realistic tag, #100DaysOfGratitude posts. You can always find things to be grateful for without actually being 'happy', and sometimes that is just the way it is....

This post covers things that work for me, and help keep the winter blues away. One of the obvious things for me personally is music, and that is why Christian's mixtapes are a perfect midweek pick-me-up... You can listen to the one from this week by clicking HERE.... 

1. Be grateful.

I can easily get soured and pissy, and honestly I can wallow in it and stay that way if I don't have some way to break me out of it.... I started doing the 'happy days' challenge on Instagram back in January 2014 (you can read that very first post that started it all HERE) for the first time ever, and would you believe that I found my dream home/farm around day 70, and closed on the property just before I hit day 100??? I WAS SOLD on the idea that the energy you give off, is also what you attract, and now a BELIEVER!! So, find one little moment in each day, no matter how shitty your day might be going, and be grateful for it! I document it still on my insta, but this go round have been using the hashtag #100DaysOfGratitude. Give it a go, stick with it for 100 days, and see what happens when you can legit stick to it. Even when Eddie died, I was able to be grateful that he was happy and fine one minute and hours later went swiftly and was never in pain in the end. I know sometimes it is hard to find the glimmers, but I promise you, SOMETHING IS THERE that shines. <3
(below is a look back at when I announced I had found my most perfect little piece of heaven)

2. Look at the stars. Go outside at night.

The good thing about the days being shorter, is that it is totally dark at 7pm, and on a clear night, you can stargaze waaaaaay earlier than in the summer. The winter sky also seems much clearer and sharp, but this may just be my imagination... Anyway, I have this app on my iPhone called "Sky Guide" and I can be outside for hours any season after dark getting lost in the constellations.... Even if you have to take a little drive to see the stars, do it.

3. Volunteer your time.
Even though the days are shorter, I somehow find that over the years I am able to volunteer more in the winter. Probably because I can see now how it helps my state of mind to be helping out in some form... Go to a homeless shelter, food bank, animal shelter, or even help out friends with projects. IT DOES ALL COME BACK AROUND.

4. Eat junk, sit up late, and binge-watch a show once a week.

We have currently been doing this with "Schitt's Creek". This probably doesn't fall under a healthy habit, but I consider it self care!

5. Pretend like you found $5,000,000.
Yes. I seriously do this. I know it sounds cuckoo, but  I make a list of what I would do with all that money. I have so much fun with it and I am verrrrrrry specific. I love a good daydream...What would you do? Would you take a trip? Move to your dream property? Sponsor a certain non-profit? Put family members through college? Adopt a child? Open a rescue? Create a beautiful peaceful serene place for healing? Spend it all on one thing? 

What would you do? I'd really like to know! Leave a comment below! 

Those are all my own personal sure-fire ways to beat the blues. They may not work for you, but if you find yourself in a funk, give them a try!!! Happy Thursday - we are almost to the weekend! 


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