friday/ weekly roundup

I have had a pretty damn good birthday week. My pre-birthday was Sunday - I hung out with my mom and stepdad, made a peanut butter pre-birthday cake (hahahahah! YES!!), and was mentally relaxed and at ease knowing that I had the next two days off..... Monday was a vacation day because I wanted to watch the new Dumbo, eat cake, and have farm fun on my birthday, and Tuesday was oddly my yearly physical/ checkup appointment. Turns out my lack of energy (and loss of hair) is not just a "getting older"/ sub-conscience urge to be lazy and chill out, but my anemia has crept back up on me and was in full force (boo), and my doc was impressed and weirded out that I had not allowed myself to slow down (keep in mind, I really thought I was just falling into lazy mode, and was fighting it).... So, I am back on iron (among a few other tweaks to my daily routine), and am really looking forward to feeling better and having more energy as we head into my most favorite time of year: autumn!!!!!

The one thing about our farm that most people don't really understand (until they come out for a visit), is that this place is our retreat. I live for the weekends now. I have absolutely no desire to go on vacation anymore. I am happiest snoozing in my hammock with Reece, taking s-l-o-w walks around the property with Eddie, eating home-cooked meals that Christian makes (I do the baking for the most part, and leave dinner to him), working in my shop, watching movies and catching up on television in the evenings with Christian, and sitting in the field watching the horses and goats being carefree with a backdrop of beauty that I dreamed of for years before I even knew this place existed..... 

I am also happy to be doing this little "100 Happy Days" project again. Whether you believe in this stuff or not, I am a firm believer that what you put out into the universe, you get back. Celebrating one good moment each day and focusing on my gratitude for it, is in a sense praying for good things - same as if you tend to worry a lot. If you find you are worrying about things, you are praying for those things simply by focusing on them... I'd much rather celebrate the good moments from each day, regardless of how sappy some of you might think it is. It works for me, and it paved the way for me to stumble across this farm just over 5 years ago.....

This is the weekly roundup of my project!
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43. birthday snapshots.

Yesterday was my birthday and I took a vacation day, and I made a Sunday Sweet Stuff on Sunday, so I had cake for breakfast, then set out to play on the farm. I set up the portable fencing on the backside of the workshop where there is this weird levee mound that is totally inaccessible with a mower or tractor, and honestly I don't really do much to keep up the property at the workshop because it is just too hard until I can do a major overhaul on landscaping (which I plan to do when everything goes dormant this year). 

Annnnyway, I ate cake, watched the new Dumbo with Christian, walked and played with Eddie, snuggled with Reece, hung out and watched the goats enjoying their new area, much like kids on Christmas morning, and then wound down the evening with grilled goodies for dinner, and a red velvet sprinkle birthday cake for dessert that Christian made! 

All in all, I only left the house briefly for a run to Tractor Supply for some wire cutters and zip ties  (both essentials around here that I am constantly misplacing), and I got in over 6 miles in steps! 

Today I had my annual checkup, which let me know that I am STILL anemic (arrrrrrgh!) and my doc said she has no idea how I am functioning at the rate I am with such low hemoglobin....I had taken the day off again, so here's to one last day off that included cake for breakfast, farm fun, and a visit with one of my shelter project pups! 
ehhhh, not ready to get back to the work week tomorrow. boo.
Midweek mixtape will be up at noon tomorrow!



it's friday!!! and almost my bday!!

I can't believe 43 is almost here. August 12. Wow how time flies.... Almost 20 years ago in 1999, my sister was born, I started dating Christian, and life was so different. I wanted a farm, I had no health insurance, drove around a beat up 1982 Toyota Corrolla that I put through hell, and was working on a film being filmed here in Athens called "Road Trip". I hung out with friends and roomates regularly, drank Sangria, smoked cigarettes, bartended occasionally, and only had one animal. A cat named Puppy. Here I am almost 20 years later with a farm, two dogs, a cat, chickens, goats, horses, and lots and lots of wildlife here (we have had armadillos, skunks, opossums, snakes, bunnies, foxes, coyotes, and the occasional feral cat before it gets eaten by a 'yote).....

I wanna talk about dreams and plans for my next year... both are things I constantly do, and although both require being optimistic about the future, they are quite different... For me, a dream is something that surely at some point will become reality somehow, but there is just no clear path to plan for it just yet.... and of course a plan has a path, and a way, and just needs action.

My dreams for the next year are to have the goats help me with land maintenance (this awesome new Kencove fence is already working like a charm around the house!!), work with Reece so that he is more well-rounded and ready for the world, work on the landscaping of the workshop once everything goes dormant again, cleaning up the loft (I haven't even been upstairs in months since the workshop has been an actual place I can work), get some prettier fencing since the goats really put my original fence to the test (I have since gotten better at fencing), plow & till my field for flowers and greens next spring (I found a guy down the road that has offered to do this for a 6 pack!!), get a new flock of birds (I have been allowing the rest of my girls to live out their final days like they are in some sore of geriatric resort for chickens and am now down to two since Barnie's passing), continue to work on ideas that can generate income from the farm/ land, and HAVE MORE FUN!!!

In more recent news, Bonnie (my most recent rescue goat) has gotten very affectionate with me! She allows me to pet her for long periods of time, brush her, and dote on her like the others. Eddie is battling old man ailments but we have him on meds, supplements, and home-cooked food, and are taking it day by day and making sure he is never stressed. Reece had his first ever muzzle-free training session at a public park with his trainer and did really great! I have also enrolled him in some upcoming classes at a local training facility in hopes to expose him to more of the world and have him become more a part of our family. I have a nice long weekend ahead with pool-floatin', cake eatin', and hopefully a waffles date with one of my besties.

As you may or may not know, I recently started back up the 100 Happy Days photo-a-day project. I am sharing the last 13 days of posts from this go round here, and will continue to share them weekly as well. 

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Well, that is all for now! I am off to walk dogs, fill water troughs, and get ready for work! 




Farewell Barnie! You were a good girl!

As much as things are pretty dang good at the farm, I do have a bit of sad news.... Miss Barnie passed away a few days ago... The old gal must have had a heart attack or something similar. She was dead in the coop yesterday morning... You may wonder why she was named Barnie.... I wasn't feeling too creative when I named her, and she was a breed known as a Barnvelder. After Pancha passed, she was my little hammock bud. These girls are old, and I expect within the year I will be looking at no chickens. That is when I will revamp the coop, and start over with a new flock. I have refused to get any new chickens until the last of the original flock are gone. These girls have provided me with eggs for years, and I owe it to them to allow them to live out the rest of their days peacefully on the farm...

Here is a cute video of my little Barnie taking in the sights and sounds one Spring evening earlier this year....




saturday snapshots * all dogs edition *

It was late when I got in last night, so I decided to share the 'Saturday Snapshots' this am....

I went to the shelter early yesterday and hung out with theses three:


Sweet Pea
Diamond Jim

Then I went to pick up Cloudi from boarding while his foster am in out of town. We went on a little drive (he is perfect in the car, but decided mid-trip, he'd rather sit up front with me), we got some nuggets, then visited the officer that saved him. He ran free, stayed close, and had fun playing with her dogs....

Then after a long day of dogs, I headed to my friend Holly's house for some cheesecake and pie! I forgot to take any pics, but it was delish! 
Eddie is having a rough time lately with some skin issues, particularly around his eyes, which make it harder to treat. Send good thoughts for my favorite boy in all the land, pretty please.....

Later this evening I have an adoption event/ fellow volunteer outing and I am planning on making an "end of peach season" galette for Sunday's Sweet Stuff, but first I am on my way to see Cloudi! He leaves next weekend for his forever home in Canada, so I must get as much Cloudi-time in as possible!