friday/ weekly roundup

I have had a pretty damn good birthday week. My pre-birthday was Sunday - I hung out with my mom and stepdad, made a peanut butter pre-birthday cake (hahahahah! YES!!), and was mentally relaxed and at ease knowing that I had the next two days off..... Monday was a vacation day because I wanted to watch the new Dumbo, eat cake, and have farm fun on my birthday, and Tuesday was oddly my yearly physical/ checkup appointment. Turns out my lack of energy (and loss of hair) is not just a "getting older"/ sub-conscience urge to be lazy and chill out, but my anemia has crept back up on me and was in full force (boo), and my doc was impressed and weirded out that I had not allowed myself to slow down (keep in mind, I really thought I was just falling into lazy mode, and was fighting it).... So, I am back on iron (among a few other tweaks to my daily routine), and am really looking forward to feeling better and having more energy as we head into my most favorite time of year: autumn!!!!!

The one thing about our farm that most people don't really understand (until they come out for a visit), is that this place is our retreat. I live for the weekends now. I have absolutely no desire to go on vacation anymore. I am happiest snoozing in my hammock with Reece, taking s-l-o-w walks around the property with Eddie, eating home-cooked meals that Christian makes (I do the baking for the most part, and leave dinner to him), working in my shop, watching movies and catching up on television in the evenings with Christian, and sitting in the field watching the horses and goats being carefree with a backdrop of beauty that I dreamed of for years before I even knew this place existed..... 

I am also happy to be doing this little "100 Happy Days" project again. Whether you believe in this stuff or not, I am a firm believer that what you put out into the universe, you get back. Celebrating one good moment each day and focusing on my gratitude for it, is in a sense praying for good things - same as if you tend to worry a lot. If you find you are worrying about things, you are praying for those things simply by focusing on them... I'd much rather celebrate the good moments from each day, regardless of how sappy some of you might think it is. It works for me, and it paved the way for me to stumble across this farm just over 5 years ago.....

This is the weekly roundup of my project!
 day 14

day 15

day 16

day 17

day 18

day 19

day 20

day 21

day 22

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