43. birthday snapshots.

Yesterday was my birthday and I took a vacation day, and I made a Sunday Sweet Stuff on Sunday, so I had cake for breakfast, then set out to play on the farm. I set up the portable fencing on the backside of the workshop where there is this weird levee mound that is totally inaccessible with a mower or tractor, and honestly I don't really do much to keep up the property at the workshop because it is just too hard until I can do a major overhaul on landscaping (which I plan to do when everything goes dormant this year). 

Annnnyway, I ate cake, watched the new Dumbo with Christian, walked and played with Eddie, snuggled with Reece, hung out and watched the goats enjoying their new area, much like kids on Christmas morning, and then wound down the evening with grilled goodies for dinner, and a red velvet sprinkle birthday cake for dessert that Christian made! 

All in all, I only left the house briefly for a run to Tractor Supply for some wire cutters and zip ties  (both essentials around here that I am constantly misplacing), and I got in over 6 miles in steps! 

Today I had my annual checkup, which let me know that I am STILL anemic (arrrrrrgh!) and my doc said she has no idea how I am functioning at the rate I am with such low hemoglobin....I had taken the day off again, so here's to one last day off that included cake for breakfast, farm fun, and a visit with one of my shelter project pups! 
ehhhh, not ready to get back to the work week tomorrow. boo.
Midweek mixtape will be up at noon tomorrow!


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