five things friday....

Yes! It is here! Friday! The weekend! Annnnnnnnd a new segment (for now anyway)... I introduce to you..... Five Things Friday!! A segment of some of my most recent obsessions....

I have been going through a 60s & 90s babydoll dress thing. Lusting over them actually. Ha! Maybe this is my midlife crisis, but some biker boots or Doc Martins paired up with a flowy babydoll dress in the summertime takes me back to the mid 90s where I was just figuring out adult life, going with the flow, not stressed about anything, and taking it all in stride. I have been wearing a few already this summer and the ones I have actually have pockets, so even better! 

I have needed to be reminded of this a few times in the last week or so. Good energy always pushes us forward. Dwelling on the negative won't do any good...

Well, well, well..... I am one of those people that doesn't do well with a whole lotta hype around shows, movies, music, and books. I have to wait for the hype to settle, and then I will give it a go. Well, last week, Christian and I finally started STRANGER THINGS. Totally hooked now, and we are set to start the third season tonight. There perfect Friday night fun, right?

I am starting this again. I have successfully started and finished this little project once since January 2014. At the end of that round, I was closing on this little slice of heaven.... I have made a few attempts to complete a second round, just to see what else might be waiting at the 100th day... I either get too caught up to remember to post, but I do feel like at least once each day I am thanking the universe for something. Gonna try my best to make this a priority once again. Boosting the positive vibrations never hurt anyone, right? If you are not familiar with what "100 Happy Days" is, this post from January 2014 explains it all!

Cloudi is in his first home ever. A product of cruelty and neglect, he wound up at the county pound where I pulled him out of his scared little shell and have worked with him the last few months. He is now in a foster home awaiting his forever home. Here he is, allowed to smell, be curious, and see what the world and kindness is all about. I don't know that he could have found himself in a better foster home!

I am so ready once again for the weekend - I have a playdate planned for Cloudi and his sister tomorrow, some Reece training, s-l-o-w walks with Eddie on the farm, grass cutting, ST binge-watching, and hopefully some tasty treat for Sunday's sweet stuff.... Happy Friday, y'all!

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