saturday snapshots 7am-8pm

 It is late and we are about to start the third episode in season 3 of Stranger Things... this morning I woke up to open and see how easy or hard it was going to be to put up my new temporary and movable fencing that I got for clearing brush. I was gonna play a bit with setting it up, then go to the pound and work with my project pups, then come back and actually test it out while making sure it would work.... Not only was it super easy to set up, I was also able to let the goats play in their newly fenced area while I was at the pound! 

My girl Jojo was happy to get out and have an entire hour to love and play and just be a free dog for a bit. Her former life was lived in a pen, chained - so a little break from confinement makes her one happy gal!
After my time with Jojo, I drove down the dirt road halfway expecting to see them out in the yard when I arrived home (the old saying about goats and fencing is usually true "if water can get through it, so can a goat" - ha!), but all was good and the goats were happy and soon relaxed, loving their new little test area! Eventually these mobile fencing pieces will be used to help clear brush since I don't have a tractor - ya know, the poor girl's bushhog, if you will! 
Since the goats were all good, I grabbed Reece to walk & check fencelines around the horse pasture - we do this daily, and he loves the routine. He makes sure to scare all the bunnies away along the route...

Then it's Eddie's turn. Most of the time these days when Eddie check fence lines with me, it involves lots of standing in one place. Sniffing the air, finding a spot where Reece peed, marking that spot, and then just laying down to listen to the birds. We don't do a whole lot of walking these days and that is just fine! 

After time with my own pups, I met with two previous project pups and their fosters for a playdate at the park! Cloud & Jasmine. Two dogs that came from a horrible life of cruelty and neglect, now learning how to properly 'dog'. They both came running at me for immediate kisses galore, and I couldn't have been more happy to receive them and to see how great they were doing! 
Here is Cloudi, Jasmine, and Vince (Cloudi's foster bro), with Cloudi's foster mom. 
 After the playdate, I ran to the store for chicken thighs for Eddie's meals the next few days - yes, he gets home cooked meals :) and cut some grass before another round the farm with Reece while the sun was setting before coming in for some tv binging with Christian....

 Loving every single minute, in our little house on this big land, now in our fifth summer here......



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