summer's 'goals & dreams' list

Well, it is starting to feel like summer here in Winterville, GA and the last week it has been DRY. Like worrisome dry. Like I am hoping this is not a repeat of 2016 when hay was scarce and expensive. For someone like me, who is used to only buying hay in the winter, that was a big blow to our finances that year. 

That being said, there is a glimmer of hope for the near future as it looks like we may get some rain this weekend..... I have lots of 'rainy day' plans that I have been saving up, and I would love to get some of them done.... Yeah, yeah, I could do them anytime, but on the weekends, I cannot fathom being inside when the sun is shining. I still have a good bit to do inside the workshop - a little painting, floor installation in the front section, clean out the dry storage area/ wood shop, I have many new dresses to alter and many other that need repairs, and I still need to get the thermostat fixed - for now we are just turning it on and off when needed.... these are some pics from this eve. Reece is my official shop dawg, entertaining himself while I sew, make potions, and blog.....

(this is one of my current projects...... and YES I know how to pop out a good hip bahaha!)
So while these things are on my rainy day list, the following things are on my summer bucket list:

picnics (I have a nice little picnic table that needs to be put together that my sweet mama got me for the farm)

plan ideas for a profitable summer camp for summer 2020/ sewing simple dolls/ DIY and crafts/ etc.

get pool ready!!!! This has been a MAJOR staple for us the last few years - a salt water pool. It is just a little above ground 10' round pool, but man, oh, man is it AWESOME in the middle of summer!!

make homemade ice cream

colored smoke bomb photoshoot

several fence projects that I need to save $$ for...

sweet stuff Sundays ARE coming back. I promise. 

...and I have a new little idea I am shopping around that I can hopefully share in a few months....
(hint: it involves this knucklehead)

 It is Friday, and I am looking forward to a training session with Reece tomorrow, hopeful for rain, and excited to sew lots!!!! I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!



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