saturday snapshots

What an awesome day! Such beautiful sights on the farm this morning with all the fog, then the sun came out pretty much all day and thankfully the thunderstorms came late. I started the morning off with a nice walk with my number one boy, Eddie, picked some spinach from the garden, and then Reece had a training session. I then went to animal control to work with a few 'at risk' pups. Afterwards, I came home, spent some time organizing the shop, gave Eddie one of his medicated baths, then cut grass in between a few of the early storms. Christian got some Easter candy on clearance and now I am planning on vegging out and eating junk while watching a little tv. Tomorrow I have plans for the Sunday Sweet Stuff - the first one in a LONG time. I hope you all sleep tight through these thunderstorms we have coming our way - I absolutely LOVE storms and they put me right to sleep like a lullaby. Thank you mama for passing down your appreciation of good storm! 



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