Tailwagger Tuesday. Meet Carl

We will never know his back story, but he came in as a stray with cuts, scrapes, and nicks on his face, and the sweetest endearing eyes that made it almost impossible to walk past his kennel without stopping. 

While he doesn't have a happy story to tell just yet, he is wagging his tail at the fact that a kind soul has given him a break from the loud shelter that literally almost killed him. When he first arrived at animal control he was quiet, calm, and patiently sat in his kennel, waiting. Possibly waiting on his person to come looking for him. Or hopeful that one of these people that walked by would see what a good boy he was and take him away to a nice quiet place. It has now been 54 days. No one came for Carl. Some dogs look at animal control like a fun camp, some crumble quickly like Carl. He wasn't doing well in the shelter and needs a foster home ASAP. He started to yell at people passing by, begging for a quiet place to lay his head, but once removed from the noise, as he is now, he is a perfect little gentleman. He has so many options available to him, but only if a foster home can be found. He has rescue interest. He also has the option to go to 'school'. He's not been loved the way "man's best friend" should be, but his love for mankind has proven to be strong and unshakable. Carl needs time to decompress from the shelter. He was steadily declining and crumbling in that environment and he can never go back. If he does, he will surely not last long and end up on 'the list'..... 

He is around 5 years old, heartworm positive, and looking for love.

A dedicated volunteer recently took him to the UGA campus to meet students and staff and just have a day out and about.....

A certified trainer recently decided to take him on for a very temporary period to help assess and better get to know him and what his needs may be going forward. 

Carl needs to be in a foster home as an only pet OR in an experienced home where he can be completely isolated from other pets during his heartworm treatment + recovery (60 days).

He enjoys cheeseburgers and has taste-tested them from Wendy's, Burger King, and McDonald's. They all win blue ribbons in his book and will gladly taste test them multiple times in order to narrow it down to one. He is hopeful that one day he can try a Carl's Jr. burger, as he is partial to that name. 

Direct words from his trainer and what she has observed since he has been with her:

~He is wonderful in the car.
~He is an excellent listener.
~He is perfectly QUIET AND CONTENT when there are no other dogs around.
~He enjoys baths.
~He was a perfect patient yesterday at the vets office (no barking at all).
~He walks slowly on a leash!!
~He seems to be housebroken!
~He is not destructive at all, and does not show any signs of separation anxiety.
~All Carl wants to do is sit next to someone and know he is safe.

If you are local to the Athens or Atlanta area (Georgia), and think you could provide a calm and quiet home for Carl to recover during his heartworm treatment and until he finds his forever home, please fill out the application HERE to foster this sweet boy. Ideal foster home would have no other pets.  

If you have other questions about Carl, or want to know how you can help, you can email me at sandice@frugalfashionablefarmer.com OR use the contact form on the right side of this page! 



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