Spring!!! I see it! Just ahead!!

We are cruising through March and Daylight Savings is Sunday! Spring is coming and there is no stopping her! I have tomatoes, peppers, cantaloup, cucumbers, and more started, and transplant day is Good Friday for us around here. The very first year I ever planted anything all by myself (2011), that was THE DAY for a little good luck planting, and each year I have done this except for last year. Last year a friend tilled up a small portion of one of the fields out here with a tractor and we had kale & spinach in the ground in February and harvested it through early May.
I bought a little manual tiller and this gal is getting a good workout with it so far - my arms need a little toning and this seems perfect! I plan on incorporating that into my fitness routine and planting many flowers this year for the birds, bees, and our home. Hello, fresh cut beauties in the house all summer! My choices for the year? Sunflowers and zinnias. <3
One of the best rewards after working in the yard, in the garden, on the farm, and devoting a fair amount of time to animal welfare and rescue, is laying in the hammock at the end of a productive day. As I watch the sky grow dark, and the stars get clearer, slightly swaying on the hammock, I am amazed at it all. Every day out here, there is a reward. Sometimes they are more memorable than others, sometimes they are totally forgettable. For example, finding a nest of surprise eggs last week was a big one! The four leaf clover on Sunday was another big one, and a sign of hope for sweet Reece, since I found it while walking the farm with him. Earlier in the week, the goats were surprised with a sweet gift of fresh produce from a 'yield day' of prep work at a local restaurant's test kitchen. There is always some type of reward. Sometimes you have to look for it, and sometimes they are so big you can't miss them....

I am already looking forward to getting home this eve and breaking up a little more ground with my new Sandi-powered tiller. Hey, when you have no tractor, and don't really have the funds for a motorized tiller, you make do, right? In the past I have used raised beds, but this year I am using the earth I already have.... My reward in this? A reminder that I am able and healthy....and the possibility of home grown food. Dreams so real. In a few weeks, the lightening bugs will be out in full force. I am SO ready for full-blown spring!!!!

Looks like we have another week of rain rolling in, but I don't mind! That just give me a good reason to get work done in the workshop! Reece really seems to enjoy spending time in there with me, so I'll pick him up for another day of hangin'. He already has made himself at home with Eddie's hand-me-downs and seems to like his little bed in there....

Have a good Thursday, folks! It is forecasted to be a sunny day here with a week of rain on the way!!



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