Today is the last day in at least a week (according to the weather app on my phone), of this cold snap. As much as I would LOVE to see a good snow, I am also ready to stop worrying about frozen pipes for the year....

Since I was last here on Monday, lots has happened. I visited Banjo, a rescue dog that has been in a lovely foster home since last summer. 

I also have had some beautiful walks before work with Eddie. The blooms and leaves are all starting to grow back on the trees, and the air has been crisp and dry. 

My workshop is coming along, and I will soon have all my creative stuff in one place! I cannot wait to make my potions, repair my vintage dresses, and will also start another floor painting! 
The evenings have been cold and sunny, and although not perfect for hammock breaks, I have been taking advantage of the dry weather since it has been too rainy to even put the hammock out...
 Not sure if I have shared here what we have been feeding Eddie, but with his age, moments of confusion, and weight loss, we decided to start feeding him homemade food to see if that made a difference. He has a diet of beef, peas, and carrots with some digestive enzymes mixed in and he gets an apple cider vinegar bath once a week now. He has had zero moments of confusion, has put on ten pounds, and he seems to feel so much better. He also take a supplement with MSM and glucosamine called WagWorthy Naturals and that has helped his mobility issues. He bounces around like a puppy in his old man body now.....

 We also had a friend who works for a corporate office for a restaurant drop off two big bags of 'test kitchen' prep veggies and the goats acted like it was Christmas! The horses were not impressed and actually protested when they didn't get their usual bucket of oats.....
Anyway, guess what? I haven't been on my 3 miles walk in a few days because of this cold snap. I am looking forward to the warmer weather in the next few days to get back on track. Happy Wednesday!!!! We made it! The weekend is always just around the corner, right? I am looking forward to having Reece back out and hopefully finishing up my setup in the shop! 



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