the last three days....

good morning!!!! I have been absent here for several days and lots has happened!! Friday I was a little under the weather, seemed to be a short 24 hour bug, and Saturday and Sunday were supposed to be full of rain - we got a teeny bit, but it was perfect weather for a little gardening, a little fun with a frog and Eddie, burn piles, clearing land, and shelter/ rescue dogs! It was also the weekend for "springing ahead"!!! So now the mornings are back to being dark when I do all my morning farm chores, feeding, etc. before work, and as always, I take the monday after this time change, off. Yesssssss. I took a vacation day yesterday, the Monday after Daylight Savings Time, and continued my weekend of farm FUN!!!

This post is full of pictures from my three day weekend. I am off to do my morning walk, then chores and then work.... I am ready for Tuesday, are you?

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