weekend snapshots, this week's goals...

 It was around this time four years ago, that I was toying with the idea of what to do with my dad's horse, Rose. She terrified me. I had always been scared of being close to a horse. Beautiful creatures to look at and observe from afar, but so strong they could kill someone with a swift kick....I never had much to do with daddy's horse before he died. Over the next few months, I realized just how spoiled and wild she was, and decided that it would be best if I make plans at the farm to take her, as she wasn't good for much other than being a pasture ornament..... and the idea of giving her away, well, I just cannot see how that would have ended well. Cut to this.... I am so happy I have her. She loves me... She will never be ridden. She will always be on the wild side, and my daddy loved her. I love her and we have little 'talks' in the field about my daddy. When the days are busy and long, she reminds me to listen to the quiet. Breathe. Enjoy the now. <3

 ....it appears the weather will be warmer this week, so I am ready to slow down on this chore... C'mom grass! GROW!!!!

 This handsome snaggletoothed senior fella showed me just how much he adores attention. He was trotting around in clothes, hats, and these shades. His name is Jerome. He is at the local pound and needs help... he seems to have bad arthritis, he is heart worm positive, and he has a tumor on his back that is getting checked out soon... prayers please! and to sponsor him, you can click HERE... and specify Jerome! With sponsorship funds, he has a better chance of being rescued! 
 another volunteer giving a shelter dog the best medicine..... a good ol' butt-scratch! 
 feed buckets for the farm crew...
 Eddie-Bear patiently awaits as I feed everyone....
 Reece got to go on a field trip!! 
 "I am loyal. I try my best to be a GOOD BOY. I need direction, dedication, and positive reinforcement. With time, I will be the PERFECT companion. Wanna give me a chance?"
 ......shop progress..... the bins are getting emptied....
 .....a friend is adding to the collection as well. There will be a sale soon. I was bad and rediscovered some items I now want to wear again and keep for a bit... oops. opening these bins felt a little like christmas! 

 raindrops and babes. 
I also had brunch with a friend, watched some twin peaks with Christian - we also watched the puppy bowl (!!), I worked on the shop a but still have a bit more to finish.. and here are some other goals for the week:
prune the blueberry bushes
put up more clothing racks for the packed away goodies
start on second room in shop (lay floor, paint walls, framing work for doors, etc)
giving some thought to a garden and wondering if I will have the time this year to commit...
take my sewing setup down to the shop to make any repairs on clothes (eeeeeeek!)

that is it for me at the moment. hope you all have a glorious week! we will hit temps in the 70s before heading back into the 40s for a high by the weekend....

Happy Monday - ya ready?!?!?



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