saturday snapshots: hello, december!

 I started out the first morning of December with an early morning run - a 5K actually. I snapped this lit up tree on the dark run....

 It was a nasty rainy day, but I was able to introduce Deere to a great family - potential adopters this morning! We met at Sandy Creek, and they had no problem hanging out in the rain for an hour and a half while they got to know Deere.... Afterwards, I did the usual farm chores in the yucky mud, then the Christmas lights and tinsel garland went up!

Send Deere some good positive energy, y'all... he really IS the smartest and most willing to please dog I have EVER worked with at animal control - and I have worked with a LOT. Not to say all the dogs there aren't amazing and great, but Deere is extra special, and coming from where he came from, I will forever be touched by his transformation....

Happy Sunday - I am off to work with my Reece & Coco at the rescue, then off to get a load of hay afterwards!



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