wow. hello friday....

Wow.... if ever there was a sign that all would be well with all the things I hold dear to my heart, I got it this morning....
Not one drop of rain had fallen on my morning walk with my Eddie-Bear, and as usual it was a beautiful autumn morning, complete with flocks of geese flying overhead.... and then, it appeared out of nowhere. The most beautiful early-morning rainbow. I honestly don'y think I have ever experienced such an early morning rainbow... but there it was, and I was passing through it. Yes, the universe was saying HAPPY FRIDAY. 

Here's to you all having a fabulous weekend...... I have lots of exciting things planned. Deere has a meet and greet, I have some plans to flesh out regarding the farm, gotta make a hay run, and then gonna do a little antique shopping, Christmas decorating, and baking. 



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