want/ need/ hear/ see (it's baaaaacccccckkk!)

It has been a long time since I did this segment..... Christmas usually gets me in the right mood to start it back up, and we will see how long I keep these weekly segments up into the new year. With the silly and hilarious drama at work, and the unwillingness to allow petty things to affect me, believe it or not, it actually inspires me to blog more! The holidays are such a great time to live in the moment.... Of course when you've lost a loved one, holidays tend to be a reminder that they aren't here anymore for the big celebrations, but this being the fourth Christmas without my dad, well, I have gotten really comfortable knowing he is everywhere out here at the farm. The cardinals this time of year remind me of that. The fluff on Rose when winter is nearing, well, it also reminds me.... I cannot tell you how many times a day I say 'THANK YOU'..... so... here is the first 'want/ need' segment of this year! It's ONLY December.....ha! 

SNOW. Yes. I want snow sooooooooo bad. I want a white Christmas!!! I want it to be cold enough that it stays around for a few days. I know, I know, not very grown up of me, but if it were to snow over Christmas, then that would mean I wouldn't have to miss any work due to the weather! Now THAT is my grown-up spin on my child-like desire for the white stuff....... Here are a few pics from earlier this year when we actually got a nice little dusting at the farm.....

some good but light gloves for my morning runs. This morning was warm enough, but soon the temps will be well below freezing, and my body warms up quickly, but my hands need a little something... any pointers for gloves?

of course, I have been counting down the days to break out the Christmas music here.... annnnnnd I am gonna start out this Monday morning RIGHT! How's about some good ol' non-traditional beats for Christmas tunes this am?

Christian and I have been watching "Escape At Dannemora". It is really great and aside from it being based on a true story, it also stars Benicio Del Toro who I have always been a fan of. Paul Dano and Patricia Arquette all do an amazing job as well. I had honestly never heard of this story about these two inmates that escaped from a maximum security prison back in 2015. After watching the first episode, I started looking up old news articles from the escape and I am excited to see how this miniseries plays out over the next several weeks - there are seven episodes. Take a look at the trailer below, and I promise you'll be hooked.... Each Sunday night airs a new episode on Showtime.....

have a lovely week!!! 



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