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I am back with this segment and have moved it from Thursdays to it's new spot Tuesday! FFF is baccccccck! 

this cold brew coffee jar would be neat to have around and it is only $13! Click on either image above to be taken to site to order!

a landscaper!
We have this verrrrrrry overgrown previous commercial site on the property that has been taken over with brambles, saplings, weeds, and all the ornamental groundcover, plants, and goodies that someone like me or Christian have no idea how to handle! I would love to salvage all the pretty things and get rid of all the ugly invasive stuff! This will be super pricey I imagine, so for now, I dream............

yes.... was feeling this song this morning. <3 
Christian has been on me for quite some time to watch 'Atlanta'...
I recently realized that I can sign into my Hulu account at the gym and watch while I am doing my cardio!! I just started this week, and so far I love it! Have any of you watched it? Thoughts? I am excited that I now have a great way to catch up on missed series while also doing something good for my body!

I am happy to be back!!! 

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