hello...getting back in the swing...

.....I know I have been a little quiet here on the blog, but the shelter and rescue needed a little more of my time in the last several weeks. There was a transport, a couple of death row doggies that really deserved a chance at a good life, and of course, the beach trip... 

I have taken a little break from the potion-making, not keeping much inventory, and have stepped back from the shop sales, but am still making orders that come in through the website.

Summer has hit the farm full force, and as much as I am grateful for all the rain and sunshine, it makes for one busy year of maintenance... BUT I HAVEN'T BOUGHT HAY SINCE JANUARY and I haven't fed anyone hay since early February!!! 

Aside from being knee deep in dog do-doo and grass-cutting, I also decided it was time to get my health in order. My weight is at its highest in years, and it ain't muscle....so,  I joined the gym again. I am dreading the workouts now, but I know with time they will get easier, and it sure as hell ain't gonna get any easier with age... 

I want to get back to frugal fashionable friday posts, but haven't been that excited since the weight gain, and my plan is to be back on track by fall... the beach trip was soooo needed and it gave me the few days of rest and a good, hard reset that my mind needed. Not to mention that my sister, totally impressed the hell outta me when we were at the beach. That junk food eating teenager that wouldn't even think of exercising has turned into a beautiful woman that goes to the gym every day, eats well, and drinks only water. My, my, my.... what a turnaround AND inspiration. She talked me into the gym membership, and I much as I know it won't be as easy to get in shape as it was when I was in my early twenties, it was nice to have the inspiration. She and my brother both have bitten the health bullet and totally impressed me, and now it is my turn... I got a little lazy with health and nutrition after dad died, and used comfort food as a crutch, but I am ready. 

anyway, back to whole foods, cutting out the junk food, only having sweets on Sundays, water, water, water, and morning workouts. 

I am excited, and gonna end this post with our 'healthy fast food' last night. Christian started this new way to make burgers using really small tortillas when we wanted burgers but had no buns at the house. Mexican burgers was the invention... burger patties topped with sour cream and salsa, served on tortillas.... and a side of grilled corn. yummy. check out this deliciousness.... and everything is done on the grill to keep the heat in the house down! Corn & tortillas are in foil...

^^ those little bitty burgers are for Eddie ;) 

 andway, happy wednesday and it feels good to be back on track!! I will be posting Christian's Thursday mixtape in the am!! <3



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