ahhhhh. love (and pollen) is in the air....

 I had a fantastic three day weekend last weekend. I did all the things I wanted to do, and some things that were pleasant surprises! Friday I went to my favorite antique place, and swung by the rescue to pick up Coco to do a little multitasking.... shopping for me, and new experiences for her!

 after our outing, I had the pleasure of meeting this handsome boy at the vet. He is a volunteer's new family member and he was getting the snipparoo.... As you can see, he wasn't very happy about that! His cute little name is.........Butter!!
 ....then the weekend was filled with horsey snouts,
.....and LOTS of outside time for Eddie. He has been craving the grass and the sunshine more than usual, and at his age, a little extra time grounding has gotta be good! 
...as much as the outdoors is making me sneeze up a storm, I am still not gonna give up my favorite seat in the house!
...oh, you beautiful flowering, sneeze inducing, beginnings of fruit....
buh-bye, Christmas tree...... yeah, don't judge. we just took it down a few weeks ago :)

...this boy loves his toys. 
...and I am still finding these lucky four leaf clovers all over the property!
Eddie is having more senior moments as he ages, so in order to keep him safest, I put up a very flimsy, but Eddie-proof safety fence so that he doesn't wander into the electric horse fence...
Coco..... she is still available for adoption. Isn't she GORGEOUS? I love this sweetie.
Sunday morning had me trying to win over a dog that has serious anxiety with humans. His name is Buford and he gets along great with Coco, so this is me... sitting on the ground, trying to gain some trust in the dog. Coco appreciated the long lap time she got, but I never made a breakthrough with Buford.. There is always next time! 
....annnnnd Miss Opal....
Eddie had a playdate with a hot Springer Spaniel! HA!

this is Layla. She is my newest little friend. Her and I made friends yesterday at the rescue...Full of kisses, young, and also looking for her FURever home! 
 This morning before the sun came up, I was making a batch of soap on the back porch and Eddie wanted to hang with me outside. I couldn't resist snapping such a sweet pic of him.... This guy, once a full time pasture dog with no idea what a toy was when we first got him, now has to bring one with him pretty much everywhere... <3
This evening after work, I laid in the backyard for most of the evening on a blanket with this sight looming over my head pretty much the whole time.... bahahahaah!
 ...then as the sun was setting, he moved on to his own little section of green and we watched the sun go down and turn a bright red behind the horses... 
 that is all from this little slice of heaven for today...  I can't believe tomorrow is already Wednesday!!!! 



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