i'm doing it again!

So....four years ago, I completed my first "100 Happy Days" challenge, which is a very simple and easy way to make sure you haven't let the whole day go by without being grateful for at least one moment that brought you happiness in your day.

In that very first (and only time I actually completed the challenge), I went from renting a house, a farm (separate from where I lived), to actually FINDING THE PERFECT farm, farmhouse, and most perfect space to purchase. I stumbled across it while on a country ride with Baby, and in less than two weeks from just discovering this little slice I never knew existed, I had a closing date.

You may be thinking that it was coincidence, but seriously, I knew it was more. I completely changed the energy I was attracting by having gratitude for the little things that brought me joy  - thanking the universe -  and that was by simply doing that challenge. That particular time for me was tough. At the time we were being faced with a new landlord at our rental that wanted to upgrade this and that and raise the rent, the farm I was using had some weird energy going on, and I felt insecure being there, not knowing how much longer it would be available to my animals, and in the heat of it all, I decided to do this challenge and it totally turned everything around!!!

I also now realize that last year's meth neighbor situation lasted as long as it did, because I allowed my energy to be changed when I diverted all my happy thoughts of the farm, and turned them to focus on the trash and drugs that lurked around the corner. Totally consumed by that situation, I allowed it all to last longer than it should have...and I was actually ATTRACTING THAT ENERGY..Now, in hindsight, I can see the difference in what we "bring to the table" when it comes to energy, as opposed to just taking for granted that all will be well no matter what we are putting into it. I have transformed the energy in that area of my property, simply by showering it with optimism and gratitude. That plot of land has been monumental in healing a broken family, it has helped emotionally heal a mother, and now nourishes the bodies of many through all-natural means of growing produce.... 

My point is, if you seem to be getting plagued with bad and negative things - and it has in turn caused you to spend all your time trying to combat it, you are feeding the negative energy. Trust me, I had no idea I could have stomped out the drama over here so easily. Switch your thinking, and truly believe in what you are contributing, and combat it with good. Things will turn around, you will in turn get back on track with all the luck/ karma/ good  flowing back into your life, and keep yourself in check. This is why I am choosing to do this challenge again. Annnnnnd why I am gonna try my damnest to stick to it for 100 days. It is easier said than done to keep out of the drama, the negativity, and the pessimistic thoughts that are so easy to get wrapped up in when it feels like it involves your peace. This is one way I plan on resetting, and getting back on track.

This is my very first post (#100HappyDays) this time around... Eddie has been showing his age lately, his sight seems off, his hearing isn't as sharp, and his ol' bones seem to be a bit achy....  I know his time is limited, but having this hot stinky breath in my face as I was trying to relax in the sun yesterday is something I definitely cherish and am happy that I still have. Dogs. They have nothing holding them back from being real. Being IN YOUR FACE asking for a pet. I love this and wish I could be more like Eddie!

Anyway, we are officially over halfway through the week!! Happy Wednesday, y'all!


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