Last day of March! Mixtape!!

I am super excited about the coming of warmer weather, along with the longer days... It will mean an end to all this spinach we've been growing, but now it is time for warmer weather stuff! I totally forgot to post this 'Thursday Mixtape' last week, mostly because I was so happy about Thursday being MY Friday since Good Friday is a holiday at my day job.

Yesterday was good indeed....I picked up sweet Coco from the rescue and took her out to my favorite antique place in Carlton, GA where she scared most people ... ooooops... 

Thennnnnn I helped out at the rescue for a bit before heading to the local animal control to see Timmy, only to find out... HE GOT ADOPTED!!!!! Wood-hoooo! 

Then the evening brought two sisters out, friends who hadn't been out to the farm since it was just an old grown up homestead we had recently bought. It was nice to be able to show them a few years worth of bringing this place back to life.

Now on to the mixtape.... this one is special in the sense that last night, we figured out that Eddie, who has been having a hard time lately with senior moments and being a tad confused, seems to really react well to the Beatles (this mix starts out with Beatles, and has another song or two on it as well)... He had gotten to where he whines all the time, poor boy. He gets confused and can't see or hear very well, but something about keeping the Beatles on all through the night, and he slept like a baby.. hmmm.

so here goes the Thursday Mixtape on this beautiful Saturday morning...

anyway, Happy Saturday!!! <3


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