I just can't get into the swing of updating here more than a few times a week these days! So sorry about that, BUT I am going to try to dedicate one long post a week that updates all the happenings from the week. For daily updates, you can visit the Instagram page (HERE), as I upload pics there several times a day!

I have decided to take on a few new things lately that really fulfill me, like once a week lunch breaks at the local animal control to be an advocate for one of the dogs there... I don't know what it is about this time of year, but I get really grateful and feel this uncontrollable urge to do something to 'help out' the universe... Last year this time, I decided that I would step up and officially join the Colbert Vet Rescue team and be the volunteer coordinator... I am still doing that as well as having my ONE DOG there that I am working really hard on getting adopted... At the moment, Coco is my project there. You may have figured out that Timmy is my little adoption project at the Athens-Clarke County Animal Control. He is awesome, and I could easily see myself taking him, but we just couldn't do that to our old man Eddie. Eddie has his senior moments (more and more as time goes on), and as much as he LOVES playing with other dogs, I could see him hurting someone's feelings if it were a full time thing...
Aside from advocating for the shelter pups, I have been picking spinach! Lots of it!! It has actually been extremely exciting to harvest something that I can and have been eating lots of every day!! I am really enjoying my 'internship' with my growing guru out here... I was a little hesitant because I have always started out with lots of enthusiasm in my little garden here, but I never got to this point of actually getting this IN to the results. I am hoping this year, having a pro out here to show me and help me understand the ways of growing and harvesting, will help me stick to it. Root for me y'all! <3

Last weekend, I put my nose to the grindstone and got deep in the filth of the big concrete building on the property..... Christian made me a Father John Misty/ Leonard Cohen mix cd, and I popped that in the stereo and BOOM! I was zoned in, cleaning (almost as good as a stoner at the end of a late night bartending shift)... ;) anyway, I am going to start with how awful it was inside that building, because that is the sole reason I am JUST NOW getting around to actually cleaning it....  When I first bought this place four years ago, this building was a boarding facility for dogs...complete with FIFTY little doggy-sized openings. THAT WERE OPEN.... and that allowed for LOTS of critters to use this as their home. There were even a few skeletons inside that looked like it could have been the remains of a fox's meal. So, I started with the outside, getting blocks, mortar, sand, and paint. Fast forward to now, and I have five more doors to block in, but the 'doors' are secured from animals entering. Aside from a big black snake that serves as my au`naturale rodent control, we are pretty good! - so back to the initial update, last weekend, I masked up, and removed the few remains of animals - just dusty skeletons at this point - and swept and scraped every inch of that 1300 sq ft building. I was actually amazed that I did it in less than a day. This weekend I am hoping to get back to painting a few more of the desks inside so that I can move those on out while collecting a little $$ for future farm projects.....

This weekend, I am going to be focusing on the farmscape. Since I was lost in my cleaning zone last weekend, no grass got cut, and when you have this much land, and the right amount of rain, things can get out of hand quickly!

I am leaving you with this video from Father John Misty album "pure comedy". If you have been listening along to the mixtape Christian puts up, you'll hear a good bit from FJM.... I am super duper glad it is Friday. I have one good day forecasted for outdoor work, and since it will be raining Sunday, I am guessing I will continue my work INSIDE the concrete building listening to stuff like this... it's soothing and so funny at the same time... 



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