July...so far.

 Wow! Whattta month so far! It started out super emotionally charged with the adoption of my sweet Rosie girl (along with FIFTY-THREE other pups!), then the July 4th holiday was disrupted by a crazy mini storm that resulted in two friends (who live in a property I manage) being instantly homeless with their animals on the lamb.... (luckily all dogs were found before the fireworks started that evening), I couldn't find one single moving company available for the emergency move, I ran my well dry (luckily it recovered!!), Eddie had a bad few days, Hazel got saddled up for the first time ever at my place(!!!!), annnnnnnd now here we are on July 19th, and this is my first entry of the month! Eeeeek! I have good reason for being scarce here. Along with all that, I have still been doing the animals rescue stuff, the 9 to 5-er (that pays for the farm and all the critters), and all the farm upkeep which has doubled with all the rain (so thankful!!) that we have had! So now....... the breakdown of events, the catch-up, the chock-full-of-pics post that will get me back to speed here....

Rosie got adopted July 1st!!

I deep cleaned the Haven while all the dogs were in Connecticut for the adoption event!
 Misty decided to get out of the pasture and go for a stroll...
the zinnias are blooming and BEAUTIFUL!!
July 4th, I got a sad call to deal with this.....Some tenants that live in a property I manage, were suddenly homeless....Luckily everyone walked away unscathed.
...this happened in a short 10 minute storm. Crazy....

July 5..... we all scrambled to get all belongings out in between falling ceiling tiles and the tree crackling.... The goal was to remove everything before the rain (or another storm) came back through.

...all that came to help were totally optimistic about the whole thing, and luckily this boosted the mood, and made the most out of a bad situation. It was so nice to see friends and neighbors come out and come together to do all they could! A little wine, some crackers, and whatever else was saved from the cabinets made up the spread on the street in front of the wrecked home.

After the UHaul was loaded and ready to head to the storage unit, the tenants and myself took the opportunity to pose... ha!
July 6, the house was on the front page of the local paper....
.....annnnnnd July 7, I got to watch in amazement as the tree service removed this 200 year old, 25,000 pound whopper of a tree. 

Ohhhhhhh, how I love this sight! Water!! We were without for a few days after I accidentally ran the well dry, (the well recovered fully!) then realized I had burnt out the pressure switch...
farm animals were all happy about the lush, green, and soft grass that has been a relief after last year's drought.
 ....and the sky has been BIG and beautiful this summer. I can never get enough of the views out here....

.....we have our morning routine...... :)

...looks can be deceiving.

.......annnnnnnd all the rescue cuties:

.....and I leave you with these latest snapshots of Eddie Ray. He had a rough few days last week, and I am happy to report that he is doing much better!

oh!! And lookie!! A sweet gift from the tenants who were displaced! I am one lucky gal..... Can't wait to use this!

I am looking forward (jeez, do I say this a lot or what?!?) to all the regular postings here again <3



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