It's Friday!

Warning.... I am full of so many emotions, and so thankful for so much - this post is a rambling one...

I sometimes keep myself so busy with fun projects, the rescue, and the farm, that I tend to forget to look at my life and take in how lucky I am. I have one amazing, loving, and kind-hearted, incredible partner that I share this life with.... Christian is beautiful inside and out.. When I started devoting so much time to the rescue, he took on cooking dinner every single night. YES. EVERY NIGHT. He keeps me from getting hangry, he even keeps the kitchen clean. I cannot tell you the last time I washed dishes. It is pretty amazing. He has a heart of gold and always tries to make my life easier in the ways he can.... and let me tell ya, this last few months have been extra tricky...Honestly, I did get a little over my head with the whole volunteer thing for about a solid month, and I was pretty much a ghost around the farm. When I was home, I was knee deep in the continuation of the land clearing and 'training' the grass to grow, which is therapeutic for me as well as super gratifying..

Last night was rough, though... I saw more than a few volunteers cry happy and sad tears as they were happy all their dedication had made such a great difference, but also sad to see 'their dog' - the one or many that they had bonded with, go far away to wonderful homes. It is really hard to not get attached to these animals. I got super attached to Rosie, as you all know, and anyone should be so lucky to adopt such a super girl. 

Back to my point, I am notorious for getting involved in too many things, having too many projects, and being consumed with farm projects. This means it is hard to get downtime/veg out/chillax time with my guy. He understands. I love him dearly and am so appreciative of the support he gives me every single day. 

He never had a dream of living on a farm... that was ALL me, yet last weekend, he pitched in to help me with yet another farm project. We are in the process of expanding the current goat field to stretch out all the way to the workshop. The ground between the current goat field and the workshop is rough and very hard to maintain, so the goats will help 'condition' it a bit.... just another little thing to maximize the use of all of our property...

I go into this day, the last day of June, hoping that you all have a good weekend! I look forward to starting yet some more new things with the beginning of July. Wish all our little rescue workers,  doggies,  and kitties luck and safety on this trek up to Connecticut in this rainy weather - and let's hope none of these amazing animals come back! <3

I leave you with a picture of some of these rescue dogs... mostly because, well, Christian doesn't do social media! 



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