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Yes. I desperately want one of these. Three years into this place, and I am getting tired of doing it all the hard way. I guess the bright side is, not having one, keeps me pretty active out here....Anyone want to gift the farm one?? Anyone?? :)


some new rain boots. Mine have dry rotted and now just pretty much collect water when its wet out. I used to have a bright red par of Hunter boots, and I think it's time to bring back some color to the rainy farm days out here!
This week's song has a special memory attached to it for my secretary, Jeannie.... She was humming this for weeks, and I asked her why it was special to her.... She said it reminded her of riding with her older brother in his 1964 Ford Station wagon driving over to Island Beach State Park where he was a Ranger, while they both sang along to this song....


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