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So... I have been continually quiet around here once again, I keep wanting to do more, but get sidetracked, annoyed, and then can't seem to find the time. Truth is, I have finally figured out what the deal is. I am severely anemic. Yup. I have had a continuous cough for the last few months, my voice was going through some raspy (sultry, per Christian), lack of concentration, waking up with a racing heart, and constantly fatigued. I just figured I had been suffering from some weird allergies. I mean I am outside at the farm a LOT. I had just given blood back in April, and everything was fine with that, but apparently, my hemoglobin never was able to build back up due to hemorrhaging of fibroids......Yikes.

I had been actually sticking to all of my normal activities - farm chores, walking the dogs at the rescue, and even doing more walking with Eddie at the farm, thinking that I had somehow gotten so out of shape that I needed to build my stamina back up. I was soooooo wrong. My yearly physical proved that I was anemic. I also learned that was the cause of my raspy voice, concentration issues, the coughing, the racing heart, and the fatigue....

Good news is that everything else was PERFECT. Excellent cholesterol levels (as well as everything else), and I am gonna brag here about that.... HDL was 76 and my LDL was 40... yessssssirrreeeebob! Doctor said she was confident I would never have any issues with my cardiovascular health with those numbers.

Anyway, that has been what has been going on in my corner of the world. I am now on a nice little cocktail of vitamins, supplements, and a few other things to help my condition and build up my iron reserves...

I must say that just having a reason for all of my 'issues' made me feel so much better, almost instantly.

Anyway, have any of you suffered with anything like this before? What did you do to make things better, and how do you build yourself back up while healing? Feel free to use the contact form to the left on this page and share any advice or info with this busy bee that finds it hard to slow down!



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