saturday snapshots ....

a picture an hour......




7am: coffee
8am: I walked down to the neighbor's house to pick blueberries.....then it decided to rain...
9am: After I washed the berries, I decided to look at our fruit trees - looking good!
10am: Out with Eddie, I noticed a yawning Rose.... and I just had to...
11am: After a tasty brunch of fresh eggs, broccoli, and potatoes, Eddie prewashes my bowl...
12noon:...and I start to tackle my loft. Geeeeesh. This is one helluva task.
1pm: Little progress...
2pm: It is raining yet again, and I take a break from the clutter in the loft.
3pm: A break in the rain and I walk out to check on Rose & Hazel. Mushrooms EVERYWHERE!
4pm: Getting ready to cook a throwback classic tv dinner: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, & peas.
5pm: Another Eddie walk. I am going stir-crazy with all this rain. BUT I LOVE IT ALSO! 
6pm: Dinner is served.
7pm: The clouds are AMAZING, and it is about to rain AGAIN. I feed the animals, & snap this...
8pm: It's PIE TIME!
9pm: While the pie bakes for over an hour I soak....
10pm: yummmmmmmmmm


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