So happy it is Friday! It has been one heck of a week... My awesome secretary has been on a mother-daughter-granddaughter trip all week, and I have been slammed at work! I think she comes back today, but I am not totally sure...Either way, IT'S FRIDAAAAAY!! Eddie and I just got back in from our morning walk/ fenceline check, and once again, it was dewy, beautiful, and perfect!

This weather has been amazing, mild, and wet. A very welcome change to last year's drought. I have been waking up every day super excited to walk the lush property with Eddie every morning....here are a few pics from this morning's walk:

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic Friday! Got any plans you'd like to share? I have been struggling with what to do on these rainy days.... I need some indoor projects to do when I cannot play outside. What do you do when its too rainy to play outside? I guess i could always dust off the sewing machine and have some 'back burner' projects... but the rain has decided to give us a little break, and I have so much planned this weekend! This evening I have the rescue dog walking, and then in the morning, I am planning picking blueberries at a neighbor's house. I have a few landscape/ patio projects for the shop-in-progress/ outdoor island staycation getaway on the property, some painting, some baking (yes! Sunday Sweet Stuff is in the works!), some more de-cluttering of the loft, and to top it all off, some quality chill evenings with my guy and some good eats. I have a fun throwback tv dinner alternative I am making tomorrow night that is healthy, organic, delicious, AND gluten free! So check back tomorrow eve to see what I whip up ;)



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