Yes, I am starting this up again. I have found that when times are not-so-certain, or seem more unpredictable than usual, it is nice to have a hard reset to force myself to focus on the little golden moments in my life. Yeaaaahhh, I know that some people are totally annoyed by this project, and to each their own, but this is for me. It helps me to be grateful for all the things in my life and not take things for granted so easily, and it snaps me out of a funk faster! Don't like the idea? Read no further! 

For those that don't know what this is, or want to try it for themselves, you can learn more about the #100HappyDays project HERE.

Since I started this yesterday, I will dedicate Fridays to be my 'weekly roundup' for my IG posts which is where I will be participating daily in this project...annnnnnnd here is my very first post from this round:

Day 1: 
Eddie absolutely LOVES the new path I cleared out around the backside of the land that also includes the perimeter of the horse's pasture.... He absolutely cannot be trusted off leash. He is a bolter - thinks it is a big game, and I just cannot risk him getting hurt, so this path is plenty for picking up the scents of other critters and sunshine! Right now the grass is super green because of all the rye seeds that washed down the hill from the hay.... This shot makes me happy because you can see the puppy-like energy in this old boy here....

To keep up with the daily posts, you can keep up by clicking HERE and following me on IG. 

It was around this time in 2014 when I decided to do this for 100 days, and when I started, I had no plans of buying a farm, and was trucking through life living in town, renting a house, and driving 20 minutes to my animals and garden twice a day - before and after work... During the 100 days, I had stumbled across the most perfect farm, with acreage and the cutest little house. I saw Christian and I living there, Baby running free, and my animals all within view of the front or back porches. By the end of the 100 days,  we were moving into and had purchased this place! Call it coincidence, but I swear by having a more grateful and positive mindset, this at least put me in the right frame of mind to make this dream become my reality. I have tried to do this project twice since then, and have gotten sidetracked and not kept it up. This is my fourth time, and I am determined to keep at it!

While I was typing this post, I decided to also go back and search for the very first post about this house, and this farm.... It was Christian's first time seeing the place - Baby and I stumbled upon it while cutting through back roads to get back to the old farm in Colbert, back in April 2014. (click HERE to read "Perfect Day", the very first post containing pics of our farm! 
It was so cool to go back and read and look at the pics from this  time...made me miss my Baby girl, but now ol' Eddie gets to enjoy it out here <3 ) It was a perfect day indeed...

Well, happy Friday! I have a weekend full of potion-making and Vday markets - and of course the usual farm stuff.  I will probably do a little seed germinating if I have time...

The days are getting slightly longer now, and late tonight is when you might be able to catch a glimpse of the green comet!! Get out the telescopes and binoculars!  


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