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the re-released beautiful vinyl of the Twin Peaks music...It is crazy windy outside, and the mornings aside from this one have been dense with fog.... makes me think of Twin Peaks.... and yes, I am super duper excited to catch the new stuff on Showtime this Summer!!
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...a portable, lightweight hoop house. I had a little successful garden last year until the drought hit. Then, for fear of running the well dry, I stopped watering the garden... This year, I am planning on having a rain barrel attached to the gutter of the horse's run-in, to help with the watering of the garden...

perfect 'hear' for this post!

This is a good read... it is basically a journal by month. I enjoyed the read and also flip through it from time to time for inspiration. She lives alone - well, with her animals, and yes, Christian does live at the farm with me, but this whole 'farm thing' is alllllll mine. I tend to the land, I do all the chores, and he will of course help if needed, but this lifestyle was my choosing. It is what makes me happy....and this book is perfect. Get your copy for under $15 HERE (with free shipping if you are an amazon prime member!!).

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