Hello, August.

Wow. I cannot believe how fast the time is flying. August is here already, and I took some time off from the blog to recover after the mild heat stroke last month. I was able to meet up with my best friend in Asheville for one of the Digable Planet reunion shows, which was AWESOME, and just made me miss her more.... 

The peaches are so beautiful this year - unlike the previous two seasons of peaches, this year they were HUGE and so perfect. I am planning a treat to use them in for "Sweet Stuff Sunday" (which I am really hoping will be a regular segment here on the blog again - we shall see!) 
 Also, I am going to start my little journey through my '100 Happy Days' segment again. With the health concerns last month, and the blah-ness and need for rain, and having to buy more hay than I am used to because of the drought, I actually have forgotten to pause a moment every single day and appreciate the beauty in my life. I know this annoys some people (the whole 100 Happy Days thing), but I actually enjoy looking back at my week and remembering those sweet little moments that brought me a taste of happy on a day that maybe was dull and otherwise forgetful....
Anyway, here are some pics to start off the month and I will be back tomorrow!!! Happy August!!

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