early morning coffee & a memory.

So, this morning while sipping my coffee, I was trying to de-clutter my phone and manage my storage.... I came across this note (from February of this year) while deleting things. I have a habit of typing little notes to myself when I don't have time to sit down and write a blog entry or my laptop isn't near.... It is something I have done regularly since my dad died, just to keep me in check about the 'big picture'.  Just a little way to remind myself that there is always hope. At the time I typed this, I was probably pondering life in some way while sitting in the hammock or on the ground in the field watching the horses. Actually, yes, I believe this was right around the time Hazel came to be with us, so yes, this little snippet makes perfect sense now.

Anyway, I am finally feeling back to 100% (no pain anywhere!!) and actually have plans this weekend!! The horses are getting their nails done this morning, but before that, I am hitting the grocery store before it has a chance to get crowded, then a little yard sale-ing. Later, I am gonna be picking up some things (that I am SUPER excited about) from a friend that is moving and then at some point I have to organize my loft closet.... It looks like a tornado came through :)

I will hopefully be back this evening for some pics of my treasures from the day! Happy Saturday y'all!!



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