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Eeeeeek!! It is Thursday and I am so happy to be feeling better AND approaching the weekend!! I am hoping to be able to slowly get back to my fundays on the farm very soon! I haven't even been able to use my riding lawnmower since I got sick on July 3rd... wah! It looks as if we may have some rain the next week, so hopefully after a week or more of showers, my grass will be ready for a trimmin'...

I actually got in a few good thrifting finds this week..... I will share more this weekend because I think I am gonna get my yard sale ON Saturday! Seriously, I am soooooooo glad to be feeling this good. I really was afraid I had messed myself up big-time. I will never let that happen again!

Last weekend when I was able to walk without pain, my friend Holly came and picked me up from home to get me outta the house for a bit. We hit up the huge GoodWill store in town and I got everal dresses, some shoes, and a few knick-knacks. I wore the dress below on Monday paired with some boots I snagged up from thredUP and a denim jacket I got years ago from Target.... The dress has pockets, is made of cotton, and is absolutely PERFECT for summer!! 

So there you have it. My first worn post in a lonnnnnng time. I am still trying to slim down from the weight gain last year, and man is it tougher the older ya get??!? This sickness had me too nauseous to eat too much and I lost a little weight that I hope to keep up, but still cannot exercise too much. I think tomorrow morning I will be heading out for a walk before work - a slow stroll for my mental well-being more than anything else. It is daylight at 6am, and I love early morning walks. 

Happy Thursday!!! 

xoxo - s

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