saturday snapshots

Today was spent with friends and animals... this first pic was actually the last of the day. I came home from running errands and visiting with a friend to find that the other shoe was gone off of Big G - the big boy from Texas. His family has just arrived in the state today and the shoer is coming out next week, so no worries. I went looking for the shoe in the field and found it next to where Plum was grazing..... Plum is a sweet pony with this heart shaped brand. I saw a photo op.... I like it! 
 The rest of these are of my friend Amanda's kiddos. They hung out at the farm today and then we all ate at the Little City Diner afterwards. iPhones really do take the best photos... and it doesn't hurt that these kids are hams AND super cute!



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  1. Amanda's kids are beautiful! And yours as well, Sandy!