..this little place

This little place I call heaven, was a bit to get used to for my redhead - Christian is a more of a city boy... Dirt roads, hay fields, and country aromas.....yes, this means, whiffs of skunks, manure, and animals....It is not his dream... It is alllll mine. Christian's dream involves music, art, traveling, and film. Yes, I tend to it, keep it maintained, and nurture it (with the exception of last year when he learned to do EVERYTHING on the farm when I was away from home for 5 months living with my sister, and I am forever grateful!). While Christian enjoys the perks of the farm, scenery, and the animals, I do not expect him to help me maintain it. It's just not his thing, and I feel like I would rather tend to a farm ANY DAY over living in a city with no animals or land... pretty good trade off if ya ask me. I am just glad he moved with me to the sticks <3....

....and these are the reasons I wouldn't trade life in the sticks for anything. These photos I snapped in the golden light of sunset yesterday evening. I shot all these with my trusty and inexpensive point and shoot Canon Powershot sx130:

 ....and I am thoroughly enjoying my visitors.....can ya tell?

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