happy friday/ weekend plans

It's time for weekend plans, my friends! Yowza!!

I have been waaaaaaay too excited for new growth in my little garden - so much so, that I check it         e  v  e  r  y      s  i  n  g  l  e      d  a  y       and then almost get a little disappointed that I cannot harvest anything yet! Ha! That is the impatient child in me.... The reality of the situation is that I started my garden later than any other year I have actually had a garden. Hopefully I will have veggies coming in later than normal as well - that is, if the bunnies keep being nice and steering clear of my little spot. 

Anywho, I will be starting a few more garden boxes this weekend because I have more seedlings ready to get into the ground! The weather has been good to the plants in the last week - almost no need for watering. Each evening, we have been getting a good downpour for about half an hour. Great for the plants and frees up the half hour it takes to water each day, but not so good for the humidity factor. Jeeeeez! It was so muggy yesterday evening!! 

The Texas crew's family arrives to Georgia this weekend, so I am sure they will be overjoyed to see their humans and I am excited to meet them as well. 

I am pet-sitting a few cats and fish for the next week, so I expect some snapshots of new faces may show up on the blog in the next week. Anyone who knows me, knows that when I am pet-sitting, I send photo updates to their humans so that they can rest assured they are alive, well, and happy... and I mostly do this, because when I see pics of my critters if someone is tending to them, it makes me feel better if I can actually SEE them. I cannot say that I have ever photographed the fish variety before... we shall see how that goes. 

Taffy, the smallest of the Texas crew absolutely LOVES getting dirty. If the storms hold off this weekend, she may get a bath... she is no longer white, but a shade of mud - ha!

Christian and I usually have some kind of TV-catch-up-marathon or a theater visit on the weekends, so not sure whats in store, but if its stormy Sunday like it is supposed to be, I think we will stay in and veg out on some bad reality television and comfort food. 

....annnnnnd last but not least on the agenda for the weekend is a little thrifting! Gonna scope out the yard sale ads today on Craigslist and the paper.

Well, I am off to get ready for the last day of the work week! Happy Friday!! 



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