10 days of snapshots....

 ....My last post was a catch up (and long pondering session) of sorts,  called 'Rainbows & Unicorns' and this one actually includes a photo of a rainbow over my little slice of heaven from yesterday evening!!
For Father's Day, we sent up messages to our daddy and celebrated how far we have come as a family since this time last year. Boy, life has been good to us since we have been able to heal from that traumatic and sudden loss of our daddy. Taylor is doing great in school, getting things in order to prepare for college, and me, Derek, and Taylor honestly have never been more connected and close. I think that is THE BEST Father's Day gift we could have given him! 
 Taylor took this pic of the message balloon going up...up....up!

I have been getting some good sister time with this gal since school is out for the summer! During the year, she stays busy with sports, and that limits weekends at the farm during the school year. So YAY for this time!!
....she is a HUGE help on the farm and I think she actually enjoys it. Can ya tell?
...this is a never-ending job. These finds are very common if you are looking hard enough.....
Taffy and the Texas gang went home after their family finished up fencing for their new enclosures. I sure will miss the hose time with Big G and the primping of sweet Taffy....
This is a pic from the last day they were here - Taffy and Misty became yard grazing partners....
OMG - this face.

Taffy's last photo shoot at the farm..... Look at that face.

.....and that concludes my adventures with:
Misty now yard grazes alone.... boo! I need a mini horse now. But not just ANY mini horse. I want one as well-behaved as Miss Taffy!
A sweet and chocolatey bartering payment for dog-sitting..... I think this might be my second favorite form of payment - first being cold hard cash!
I have seen THE MOST BEAUTIFUL skies in the last ten days at the farm.... (if you missed the rainbow I posted on IG yesterday evening, it is at the end of this post)

We have been getting exercise running kites, since the wind won't keep 'em up ;)
....then last weekend, I gifted a photoshoot to this gal. She had been dying to get a picture with the one, the only - Hazel the Hornless Unicorn.....
...and of course, Rose gets lots of attention as well....

While I had my camera out,  we decided to give Taylor some practice in front of it since her senior pics are scheduled in a few weeks... Gotta get comfortable in front of the camera if you want to take good pics! I won't post the first few, but she was soooo stiff - ha!

...and last but not least... the majestic rainbow that was over the house yesterday evening!!!! Yowza!! I totally watched the whole thing form.....

 ...and then disappear... but how freakin' cool that it framed my little farm?!?!? 
Happy Wednesday!! I am so thankful for the rain the last few days and looking forward to having grass to cut soon - I haven't had to cut any since June 10th! Believe it or not, when my ol' John Deere is working properly, I actually enjoy cutting it! 

...til next time....



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