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Just because.....when is there not a good time to watch this! 
Cool article about Jemima Kirke's fitness...
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This quote: "You'd rather live with that silly fool who can't open her mouth except to say "yes" or "no" and raise a passel of mealy-mouthed brats just like her."  - Ha! I swear that sounds like something I would say on an extra crabby day!! ;)

Tips from strong people to manage stress...
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After Prince's death, I have heard and read about so many people speak of his love for writing notes and letters. I looked into it last weekend, and of course, was particularly interested in part because I have been sending out notes, cards, and letters this year after attempting for two years, not to mention I really get something out of it too! It is sweet to get the surprise reaction from people that you send snail mail to, but at the same time, you are brightening someone's day. I have been absolutely adoring Prince's love of handwritten notes and letters....I am attaching a note that he wrote to Suzanne Vega after her song 'Luka' came out. I mean, how classy of a man was Prince? What artists did what he did? I mean just to send a sweet note speaking to another artist that he didn't know personally about how the song she wrote touched him... Anyway, I suggest Googling the words "Prince handwritten" and taking a look for yourself.....
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Ohhhhh, these two and their past....
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THIS story...
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this documentary because Glen Campbell isn't doing so well, and I can't imagine what his family must be going through. I have been lucky not to have had to deal with Alzheimer's disease in my family:

Wow.... no more nudity in Playboy. It Is supposedly PG-13 now. Anyone out there a reader? I am curious about this new direction. I am not a reader myself, but am a little curious exactly what the lure is now for the long-time subscribers.....
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annnnnnnnnd then I am shamelessly advertising a sale in my online store. I am about to amp up the webstore with a TON of new inventory in the next few weeks. I need some $$$ for farm projects. I will be hosting a few temporary residents soon, one of which is a retired 28 year old miniature showpony!!!! Standing at 31" tall, I am sure to be plastering her images all over this blog and IG while she is here. Until then though, buy some coats! 50% OFF!!! Everything else is 20% off - just use either code 50OFF or 20OFF at checkout. Happy Tuesday!!!
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