There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think of my sweet Baby... thinking of getting a ring like this or similar. This one is under $70 and clicking on the pic will take you directly to the site to purchase one for yourself. Love the pits!! Especially the ones with floppy ears!! <3

I need to meet this pair.... If this doesn't put a smile on your face, then you have BIG problems!

Christian is back to picking the weekly songs for this segment. He says of this Pixies song:
 "its my morning head straightener good feeling tune lately and the bass melody feels like summer freedom cruising.."

It is going to be one hot Georgia summer... This heat and my lack of being able to be submerged in anything aside from a bathtub, has me thinking beach, beach, beach! This book by Richard Misrach just came out and makes me want to go back to my old spot in Curacao. We used to go to this little island called 'Klein Curacao', and it really was a private oasis. No people accept the ones you are with. Truly a deserted island! Time to start planning the next trip!!! In the meantime, I am gonna flip through these pics and dream...... Click on any pic below to be taken to the site to purchase your very own copy! It's on sale ANNNNND you get free shipping from Amazon!



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