Sunday (and Saturday) Snapshots .... First Day of Spring!

I never got around to posting the Saturday snapshots, because I ended up going to a friend's house til super late last night - it was a 2am kind-of night!! I wore my gown over though (no kidding), so as soon as I came home, I was able to roll right into bed ;) ...so... this is the Saturday AND Sunday snapshots. All photos were taken with the iPhone 6, and if filtered were done so through Instagram... I didn't even think of getting my good camera out with all the excitement of a new farm crew member!!! Hazel is straight from a fairytale.... <3

Yesterday was jam packed with yard sales with my mama, horse watching (Hazel is doing just fine at her new place and she is such a beauty to look at!!), hanging with Eddie in the field, fencing, visitors, idea sharing, and ending it all with a long overdue gathering with a group of gals that hadn't gotten together in a few years....
(yes, this is my gown/ housecoat that I wore to dinner...ha! Ain't no shame in my game!)

This morning, I got up and started on a new fence project.... yes, a new one. Seems there is always a fence project going on here. After a few hours of my least favorite part of fencing EVER (removing fence from t-posts), I decided to take a break and help out a friend with some yard work, or as I like to call it yard therapy

.....anyway, here are the photos from yesterday and then today. Enjoy! You ready to start the work week? Wahhh! Not me.... 

 ...egg tried to escape before being eaten....

...Rose is playing hard-to-get with Hazel now.... She got her feelings hurt that first day Hazel arrived when Hazel wouldn't even acknowledge Rose's excitement. Silly gals.

 Happy first day of Spring!!! Mine was beautiful and kind of chilly, but filled with lots of Spring-ish things like snails, the smell of fresh cut grass, and some hammock time watching the horses. Have a great week! 


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