I woke up early and super excited for daylight to break because I want to go out and sit in the hammock, drink my coffee, and watch the two gals (Rose & Hazel) interact with each other! Then, it is off to do a little thrifting and yard sale hunting with mama! A jam packed weekend again! So far for today, this is what I got...

~ hammock coffee time - but only briefly because you gotta ---see next--->
~ hit the yard sales early! 
~ get lost in watching the majestic beings at my menagerie.....
~work on a little fencing project I have going on...
~ possibly visit with Holly after yard sales
~ a little garden therapy (I have a few more herb baskets to hang and I need to thin and harden some tomato plants as well as start a few more seeds)
~ more animal watching - or therapy, as I like to call it ;)
~ dinner and hang time with Christian
~ Tractor Supply run - the chickens need snacks!
~ put all the animals up for the night
~ snacks and wine with friends in town - sort of a house warming party....

That's it! Hoping you have a wonderful Saturday and I will upload photos either tonight or tomorrow  of the whole crew out here with the 'Saturday Snapshots' segment that will include pics of the humans in my life as well ;) since I am actually seeing PEOPLE today!! 

Yesterday Hazel finally arrived at the farm! I have mentioned her a few times here at the blog, but if you missed it, I learned at the very beginning of 2016 that I would possibly be fostering her. She is so stunning, and her life of cowboy work left her with a few scars, which I think make her even more beautiful. After a bit of fencing, and getting things ready for Miss Hazel, she is now here!!! 

These are a few snapshots from my phone yesterday, but as you know, ALL the animals at the farm are stars and get photographed regularly, so she will have a nice collection of photos under her belt very soon! 

 Eddie is excited to have Hazel at the farm and to also watch how the friendship develops over the next few days.....

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