Sprinnnnng! (con't)

I cannot tell you how much I am so happy to see Spring. Last year I missed Spring at my house because of all the things I was dealing with after my dad's death, so this is my first official Spring here at my little slice of heaven!!

Spring decided to play a little trick on us here in Georgia and give us some almost freezing temps last night and this morning....and again tonight also, but the evening temps are PERFECT for my little fencing project I am currently working on.

For some reason, I picked a handful of songs that took me back to the Spring days of carefree jamming in the car with the windows down, aimlessly driving, only to listen to my music LOUD, back to when I was a naive youth who had no worries, no responsibilities, and certainly no health insurance - ha!

....and to go along with this old mix, are some pics I snapped today of the farm critters.....

 Hazel's scars. A life of hard work documented on that beautiful face...

 The green layer, which is an Aruncauna and French Black Copper Maran cross, has been on her game since last Thursday! Giving me an egg every day! What?!?!?!? I haven't had a green egg in over five months! You GO, girl!
It was pretty chilly tonight, so we decided to cook a 15 bean soup. I am sure tomorrow when we eat it, it will be too hot for soup... this weather is CRAZY!
Well, that's all for now! Night-night! 

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