finding time and a few pretty pictures.....

I got asked again today about how I find the time to get it all done. Honestly, sometimes I wonder myself, BUT I do feel like putting a plan of action into place pretty much every morning when sipping my coffee around 4:30am, helps me get things accomplished.

I start out every day listing my goals for that particular day. For example, this is my little list for today, but this does not include the regular daily stuff like feeding the animals, walking Eddie, and blogging....

~ weedeat the yard
~ do my laundry (I have about a weeks worth AND several items thrifted last weekend)
~ wash the dishes
~ horse manure moved out of Rose's field
~ snap some photos 

Those are the things I would like to do, BUT if they don't get done, it's OK too...

My normal daily farm chores I do at the very end of the day just before dark (and they HAVE to be done daily) and take all of about 30-45 minutes and those include:

~ topping off waters OR giving the troughs a quick scrub and filling
~ doling out hay for the goats and Rose
~ Letting Eddie have some 'free time' off-leash while I fill Rose's troughs (she has two)
~ watering my hanging plants on the porch
~ closing up the chickens for the night and feeding them if needed (tonight they wanted to stay out extra late which was annoying because I got so dirrrrrrrty weedeating and was eager to shower)

Today I stayed a little late at work because the computers went down for a bit, and there was a little extra work to be done. When I got home I started the weedeating, but did not finish - I underestimated how much trim work I have, but got most of it done and will finish it this weekend. The laundry wasn't touched (again), and Christian offered to do the dishes, so I am gonna let him. The manure did not get moved, but I did rake it nicely in a little pile for easy moving tomorrow, and it was easy to take a few pics since my iPhone is always in my pocket!

SO, now I sit, at 9:30pm, blogging about my day while cozying up on the bed with Eddie and Spirulina. Christian and I watched a little tv together over dinner and coffee, and I am almost ready for dreamland...

Tomorrow is St. Patty's Day so I am also trying to think of what green things I have to wear to work tomorrow - I do not want to get pinched! 

Good night and happy Wednesday!! See you back here tomorrow!

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