no pie for me this 'pi day'! Happy Monday!

 I was so excited about this 'pi day' and had hoped to make one this evening, but honestly, I got side-tracked by my overgrown yard... I push-mowed about 1/4 of the yard and am gonna try to tackle a bit more tomorrow when I get home from work, so no pie today. I do have a good savory spring veggie pie in mind though, and actually bought all the ingredients I would need, so I'll post that recipe a bit later in the week when I DO get around to making it. 

Once again, it was supposed to rain today, and we didn't see one drop. Yay! Beautiful blue skies and mild temps. 

I wore another complete thrifted outfit to work, so another snippet 'worn' segment is in this post as well....

The shirt, I didn't even see myself - but Holly pointed it out to me as we were thrifting together Saturday morning. Thank goodness, because I think it fits together PERFECTLY with this striped blazer I found Saturday as well! 

Jacket: thrifted, $3.50
shirt: thrifted, $3.50
jeans: thrifted, $7
boots: my 'everyday' boots, Durango, $100

 ....mowed until dark, but check out this view from Rose's little nighttime paddock..... Every day there is something about this place that makes me just as appreciative of this place as the first day we got the keys. The sunsets out here never get old, either...
 It's odd to be outside after dark....eeeeek! It's like we live in an episode of True Blood, but instead of vampires, it is skunks and other nocturnal wildlife I try to avoid having a run-in with... Ohhhhh the joys of living in the sticks! I don't mind it though, as long as none of the animals get skunked again. 
 Well, I'm off to watch some bad reality television and have a little coffee. The attic fan is on, and the smell of spring is flowing through the house..... I'm super lucky to not have to deal with allergies like a lot of people. 

I hope you guys had a sweet Monday! Did you make a pie? Feel free to share your sweet or savory treat recipe below if so! 



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