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I think this ring is really pretty.... click any image below to be taken directly to the site for purchase...

I need an elf that is a brick mason. Kind of like the ones in that story "The Elves & the Shoemaker", but only with masonry skills instead of cobbler elves..... I have an idea for that odd structure on my property and it has around 100 little doors that are three blocks high that need to be filled in! Any elves reading this post? If so, I would like to just wake up one day and be surprised like the shoemaker in this book:


Season two of Fargo on FX. The first episode of season two aired this week and I am already hooked!!! Eeeeeeeek! Sooooooo good!! Great cast so far! I have attached the trailer for the new season below the promo shots from the show - check it out out if you haven't already....

Check out the trailer !!!!!

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