...an average weekday... a pic an hour..

I have decided to start a new segment..... a real peek into every hour of my day. I think I will try to do this once a month.... These are taken randomly every hour or so throughout the day they are all unfiltered and taken with the iPhone 6. Every day is pretty much the same but, most readers only see the farm, the baking, the dream life that doesn't involve working a real job as well....So yes, as much as I romanticize the home life, the farm life, the baking and thrifting, there is a whole other side - the side that affords me as way to pay for everything at my menagerie! These are all from yesterday:

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day!

Animal chores - switching fields and making sure everyone is happy before I head off to work! 

My look for the day... I am always running late, so in a pinch, a bright dress and shawl look quite nice and 'put together' with my black Swedish Hasbeens Mary Janes! 

Coffee. Sarcasm. Coffee. Mug reads "Let me drop EVERYTHING and work on your problem" - story of my life at work... Ha! 

Data entry, printing work, most of my time at work is spent doing this stuff...

It's $2.99 Tuesday at Fresh Market! I always make a run for beef and chicken on Tuesdays. I usually have to pause just a minute at the dessert and sweets display case. Today leave this counter empty-handed. I'm a good girl. ;)

My partner in crime. We are always competing. Keeps work fun and interesting....Today we are jamming out to Dire Straights. Never a dull day! 

A little lunch break walk around the field with Miss Rose....

..then back to work with a freshly brewed cup o joe with raw goat milk! 


Clean desk!!! I LOVE leaving my desk looking this way! Doesn't happen all that much, but it sure is nice to come into work with a desk looking like this the next morning! 

Dinner: Pork tenderloin on a little slider roll with some quinoa chip/ fry thingies. Deeeelish. 

Did a little hoof cleaning on Rose...

Watching the sunset as usual and moving the animals around to their nighttime fields....

Quiet house (except for the wild kitty that is just getting started good right about now)..... Because I have to be up early - 4am early - I am off to bed! 

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  1. Fun idea! Thank you for sharing! I'll be cleaning and sewing to the last two mixes you posted, I haven't had a chance to catch up on your blog lately!