My Special Little Milly....

Sweet freckle-faced Milly passed away last Friday, and boy do I miss her energy at the farm! This little girl got sick when she was just over three months old with the meningeal worm. Long story short, after the parasite was killed with Ivermectin, she pulled through with lots of massage therapy, vitamin injections, probiotics, and lots of love. She started being a happy little goat again and the effects of the ataxia were a "pins and needles" type sensation from the nerve damage, a limp tail (goats tails are normally raised, but hers was paralyzed), and a puny little narrow uncoordinated rear end. 

She came out of it with her spunk, a sweet little smile, and determination to be normal. I gathered a ton of photos from the last 4 1/2 years and put them all in this one post. She was my special little baby girl and I will miss not giving her special baths, dressing her in shirts (to keep her from chewing holes in her skin from the nerve damage), and having her hang on to my every step...Here you can see her colorful wardrobe, playful nature, and photogenic little face...... the first pic is when she first got sick. She couldn't walk, but had no physical signs.... (to learn more about the meningeal worm, you can click HERE )

 ...this is from that one time Milly got infatuated with a pine tree.... The sap mixed with the dirt looked like lipstick! 

 ....notice they all had 'lipstick' on..... bahahaha! 

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  1. A wonderful memory post! Thank you for sharing the photos- her spirit is evident! And she got her good looks from her Mom, for sure.